1936  Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd.  14 h.p.

Location In Museum: Store

Siddeley Motorcars, of Coventry, was founded by John Davenport
Siddeley in 1902. By 1919 and after many mergers the company was
bought out by Armstrong Whitworth Development Company and
became Armstrong Siddeley Motors manufacturing luxury cars, and
later, aircraft engines.
This car was easy to drive having Armstrong’s own pre-selector gear
box and centrifugal clutch fitted. With a 14hp, 6 cylinder overhead valve
engine its extremely smooth and quiet and reasonably economical for
a car of its weight. The company made 3,750 from 1936 until 1939.
The price when new in 1936, was £320.
It was acquired by the Coventry Transport Museum in 1965
having had only two previous owners.

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