1952  Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd.  18 Whitley

Location In Museum: Store

Throughout its days, Armstrong Siddeley combined the very best of British luxury car manufacturing with enviable mechanical engineering, and were noted for the high quality of their vehicles. It was arguably the first car company to reveal post-war vehicles, announcing in 1945 their Hurricane model before WWII had even ended. Following the practice of naming models after aircraft, first the Lancaster, and then the Typhoon were both launched in 1946.

The Whitley saloon appeared in 1950, originally in four light form like the one on display, followed later by a six light version. Among its comparatively advanced features as described in company sales literature was ‘the latest type of air conditioning plant……in warm weather cold air can be circulated, and in cold weather the air can be warmed.’

This car was generously donated to the Museum by Mr. Midwinter of Leicestershire.


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