1931  Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd.  Little 12

Location In Museum: Store

This car has a wood and aluminium body covered in fabric, with a large
sun roof that slides back opening nearly half the roof space - hence
the model was called ‘Sunshine Saloon’. It is thought that only one
other model like this survives.
Siddeley Motorcars, of Coventry, was founded by John Davenport
Siddeley in 1902. By 1919 and after many mergers the company was
bought out by the Armstrong Whitworth Development Company and
became Armstrong Siddeley Motors manufacturing luxury cars, and
later, aircraft engines.
The gravity feed petrol tank is behind the engine and in front of the
dashboard, with the fuel gauge on top, in front of the window screen.
This car was restored from a ruin and the engine overhauled by John
Watkins of Marshfield near Cardiff.
Purchase price of this 12hp Armstrong Siddeley when new in 1931,
would be about £295 to buy.
This vehicle has been kindly loaned to the Coventry Transport Museum
by Mr. Swynnerton.

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