1921  Calcott Bros. Ltd.  Cabriolet

Location In Museum: Introduction

The Calcott Brothers Ltd., of Coventry were originally cycle and motorcycle manufacturers, but entered the car market in 1913. Like so many other companies they enjoyed their greatest success in the post-WW1 ‘motoring for the masses’ boom before fading out in the face of competition from more efficient manufacturers.

This model was available throughout the whole of Calcott’s car manufacturing life, during which time approximately 2500 were made. It was typical of a great many other manufacturers products of the period and provided roomy and reliable transport for a moderate sum of around £200. It is fitted with a two-person bench-seat, and optional accommodation for a third person is the ‘dickey’ seat, enclosed in the boot.

The Calcott Company continued production until 1926 when they were taken over by Singer. Some of the former premises still survive at Far Gosford Street as housing. This car has been owned by the Huggill family of Somerset since 1931 and they most generously placed it with the museum in 1993.

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