1975  Chrysler U.K. Ltd.  Centura

Location In Museum: Store

Based on the Chrysler 180, the Centura was built for the Australian market as a competitor to the Holden. Fitted with a six-cylinder four-litre engine of American origin coupled to an automatic gearbox, the car has a very good performance and has the ability to cover large mileages (150,000 to 200,000 miles not being uncommon) before overhaul is necessary. Built for long distance motoring in hot climates, the car is equipped with very comfortable seats and good ventilation.

Although of four-litre capacity, a return of 20-24 m.p.g is readily obtainable on long journeys. After many years of use by Chrysler UK as a development and research vehicle, it was generously donated to the Museum by the company in 1981.

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