1923  Cluley (Clarke, Cluley & Co.)  Model 10/10

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The Cluley Company was formed in 1890 as a general engineering concern, although specialising in textile machinery manufacture at their ‘Globe’ works at Well Street in central Coventry. Spurred on by the 1890s cycling boom, the firm adapted and progressed to cycle building. In 1904, they made a single prototype three-wheeled car called the Globe Cymocar.

Following WWI and the end of wartime armaments contracts, Cluley branched out into full-scale car production, making six models and 3,000 cars between 1922 and 1928.

The car you see here on display is the 10/20 model, and features two seats in the front and two ‘dickey’ seats that unfold from the back. When shown at the 1923 Olympia Motor Show, the price new was £250 for the two-seater and £270 for the four-seater.

This car has been generously loaned to the Museum by
Mrs. V. Cluley.

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