1964  Commer  Police Mobile Control Room

Location In Museum: Store


Where made : Rootes, Coventry (Engine), Commer, Dunstable (Chassis),
Eagle Engineering, Warwick (Body)
Engine : 4 Cylinder Commer engine producing 2266cc
Reg. No : 999 FWD   Reg. Origin : Coventry

Commer-Karrier was the commercial vehicle wing of the Rootes group’s operation (a group that also included Singer, Humber, Hillman, Talbot, Sunbeam and, later, Tilling-Stevens) and produced a variety of commercial vehicles for many different uses.

This particular vehicle was ordered by the Warwickshire Police Force in 1963 for use as a mobile control room. It consists of a Police specified body built on a Commer ‘Walk Thru’ chassis and served the Police from 1963 to 1986. During this time it was used as a control point for many incidents as well as events such as the Royal Show and the Town and Country festival.

An interesting feature of the vehicle is its unique registration ‘999 FWD’ which still belongs to the Police force, though is allowed to be used by the Museum for display.

The vehicle was donated to the Museum by Warwickshire Police in 1986

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