1920  Coventry Premier Co. Ltd.  Unknown

Location In Museum: Store

The Coventry Premier Company was a very well-known cycle and motorcycle manufacturer, until absorbed by the Singer Company in 1924. This type of tri-car was made between 1919 and 1924. It is powered by a V twin engine of 1055 cc, driving through a propeller shaft to a gear box and differential unit, and then by chain to the single rear wheel. The rear wheel is the only one of the three fitted with a brake, and so the driver has to be extremely cautious in wet conditions.

When acquired, the car was packed in four tea chests. A new body frame was manufactured in the Museum workshops and then the car was panelled at Park Sheet Metals of Bayton Road, Exhall. At present the engine cannot be run as the correct camshafts cannot be located.

The Museum purchased the car for £230, in 1975 with the aid of a 50% grant from the Science Museum.

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