1912  Crouch Motors Ltd.  Carette 8 h.p.

Location In Museum: Landmarques

In 1912 J.W.F. Crouch, who had worked for Daimler and Siddeley-Deasy, decided to set up his own company to manufacture light cars. The first factory was in Bishop Street, Coventry, but the company soon moved to Cook Street.

The car displayed here is believed to be the only surviving three wheeled Carette. Not many of these vehicles were made as the company introduced a four wheeled light car in 1913. Cars were built until 1927 when the company was wound up.

This car has an ash frame with the engine, gearbox and clutch all mounted on the frame, behind the seats. It can be difficult to drive, as the small fly wheel means that the car will either stall when starting, or jump off very quickly.

The Museum purchased this vehicle for £950 in 1975. In 1912 its price when new was £110.

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