1898  Daimler Motor Co. Ltd.  Phaeton

Location In Museum: Introduction

This chain driven car has an interesting history. Having done most of its motoring before the 1903 Motor Car Act introduced registration numbers, it was not actually registered until 1946. This was done to enable it to take part in the many Motor Car Cavalcades organised to celebrate 50 years of the motor industry in Britain.

The car was originally fitted with tiller steering, but this was replaced by a steering wheel in the early 1950s. It has two sets of brakes, a band brake which operates on a drum on the transmission, and “spoon” brakes which operate on the rear wheels only.

In the early 1950s it was displayed with five other vehicles in the Palace House, Beaulieu, the nucleus of the National Motor Museum. It was acquired for the Coventry Collection in 1958, and has taken part in a number of London to Brighton runs since.

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