1943  Daimler Motor Co. Ltd.  Armoured Car

Location In Museum: Landmarques

In the Second World War Coventry’s car makers turned to the production of military equipment. The Daimler company made a number of armoured vehicles including Scout cars, for reconnaissance work, and armoured cars, “to engage in actual combat”.

This vehicle was quite heavily armed with a two pounder gun, a 7.92 mm machine gun, and a Bren gun mounted on the turret for anti-aircraft protection. It has a 4 litre Daimler engine which uses a gallon of petrol every 4 miles, permanent four wheel drive, and two steering wheels, one used by the driver when travelling forward and the other, mounted in the turret, for use by a crew member when reversing. The turret is rotated manually by using a handle.

The armoured car was purchased in 1977 with the aid of a Science Museum grant.

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