1965  Alvis Car & Engineering Co.  TE21

Location In Museum: Store

This vehicle continued the Alvis tradition of quality cars, as Autocar magazine stated in 1965;

‘The Alvis combines pleasing qualities of the past with desirable features of the moment. It retains the Alvis character, more than a touch of traditional craftsmanship, and is clearly a smart turn-out.’

This car would have cost £2,774 in 1965 with an extra £30 for the wire wheels. It had a top speed of 107 mph and could cruise ‘at speeds up to 100mph without apparent effort’.

This particular model was the property of the former Alvis chairman J. J. Parkes, and was placed with the Museum by the Alvis Company in 1984.

The production of Alvis cars ceased in 1967.


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