1968  Alvis Car & Engineering Co.  Stalwart Mk2

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The Alvis Stalwart is a high mobility load carrier which first entered service with the British Army in 1968. Designed as a five ton load carrier with amphibious capability, its six wheel drive gives impressive cross country performance. It has a top speed of 40 mph on land, and 5 knots in water. Its primary role with the Royal Corps of transport was to ferry combat supplies on the last leg of a journey to the front line, generally across country. The Stalwart’s original role was superseded by other logistical operations in July 1991.

This particular vehicle entered service in 1968 in West Germany and was finally withdrawn from service in 1992. It has been restored to its present superb condition by 43 District Workshops, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, at Aldershot.

It was presented to the Museum and to the City on 7th February 1992 in memory of the late Driver Jason Patrick McFadden, a native of Coventry, who was tragically killed in action during the Gulf War on 27th February 1991.

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