Alvis Car & Engineering Co.


1920 - 1967


Holyhead Road

Former Siddeley-Deasy works manager T. G. John marked the beginnings of the Alvis Car & Engineering Company in 1919 after purchasing the American owned business of Holley Brothers and turning it into T. G. John & Co. Ltd. This new enterprise sought to design and manufacture engines for ‘land, sea and air’, yet it was the production of cars that the newly formed Alvis Car & Engineering Company ultimately concentrated their future efforts. The Holyhead Road factory commenced with the production of sporty, luxurious and well-engineered cars from the first 10/30 models in 1920 to the last TF21 3-litre models manufactured in 1967.

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Our Vehicles

Year Model Location In Museum
1920 Model 10/ 30 Introduction
1928 Front Wheel Drive Motorsport
1932 Model 12/60 Motorsport
1938 Speed 25 Store
1950 TB14 Roadstar Store
1952 TA21 Store
1965 TE21 Store
1968 Stalwart Mk2 Store
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