Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd.


1919 - 1966



It was John Davenport Siddeley who in 1902 established the Siddeley Autocar Company at Garfield Road, Coventry, initially as importers of Peugeot cars. After a brief stint working for the Wolseley Tool & Motor Car Company, in 1909, he became Lord Kenilworth and Managing Director of the Deasy Motor Company. By 1911, the business was reformed as the Siddeley-Deasy Motor Manufacturing Company at Parkside, Coventry. Armstrong-Siddeley Motors Ltd began soon after the conclusion of World War 1 in 1919 after a merger between the Armstrong-Whitworth and Siddeley-Deasy companies. The Parkside factory manufactured aircraft engines and cars until 1960 when the popular ‘Star Sapphire’ model became the last car to carry the Armstrong-Siddeley name.

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Our Vehicles

Year Model Location In Museum
1934 Landaulette Store
1936 14 h.p. Store
1952 18 Whitley Store
1960 Star Sapphire Introduction
1931 Little 12 Store
1951 Lancaster 18 Store
1936 Saloon 17 Store
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