Crouch Motors Ltd.


1912 - 1928


Bishop Street

Crouch Cars Limited were small motor manufacturers of light-cars in Coventry, being established before WWI.

Founded in 1912 by a Mr. John Crouch, the first premises were chosen at Cook Street - very close to where Coventry Transport Museum is situated today. Their first vehicle was a three-wheeled cycle car in 1912, known as the 'Carette' and was fitted with a Coventry Simplex (later known as Coventry Climax) engine. The following year, a standard four-wheeled model was also offered.

Production inevitably slowed during the War, but by 1922 a more conventional light-tourer was introduced which could reputedly achieve an impressive 90mph.

Until closure in 1928, Crouch continued to build small four-cylinder cars.

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Our Vehicles

Year Model Location In Museum
1912 Carette 8 h.p. Landmarques
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