1934  Francis-Barnett Ltd.  G/39 Cruiser 250cc

Location In Museum: Open Storage, Motorcycle Gallery

Described by “The Motor Cycle” in 1933 as “ ….. an ideal machine for the fastidious rider” the Cruiser cost £34 new. This included Miller lighting, horn, licence holder, legshield and undershield, but not a speedometer, which cost extra. It had a single cylinder engine of 250 cc., specifically designed for the Cruiser by Villiers, and had a top speed of about 40 mph with fuel consumption of 95 mpg.

Conservation of this particular motorcycle was carried out by the Friends of Coventry Transport Museum, under the supervision of Museum staff. Original parts have only been replaced when absolutely necessary. The machine is currently a non-runner, awaiting a replacement Albion gearbox which is proving hard to find.

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